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Theresa Y.

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Thank-you for the best read I ever read.

I have reecently started working with homeless teens in my city and sometimes I find it so frustrating. I want to help then all and let them know they are all so special but there are still times when I know that I can,t help them all. I recently also became a Christian and so the need to help overwhelms me sometimes. I have been so richly blessed by the Lord and He has given me so much so I really feel the need to give back. I love the kids I work with and wish that all could know the LOrd the way I do and know that there is better for them. When I was at a real low last week because of the frustration of trying to help a youth that was not ready to receive help I picked up your book and could not put it down. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for what you did and the inspiration it gave me to never give up. God bless you both in your lifes journey. You both are truely gifts from God. Yvonne

Posted: 2005-08-09 07:29:00

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Hi Mike! Recently I purchased your book for my 23 year old son who is finishing up his last year at CSUN. He's also on youth staff at church and mentioned that a few staff guys are going to serve down at Skid Row. Before I gave him the book I thought I'd read it. Thank you for the important work you and Sam have done in bringing attention to homelessness in America. Whenever I'd see a person holding a sign I would look away because I thought there's nothing I can do. But you gave many examples of things I can do the first is to acknowledge them! I also liked that you cautioned giving money....your idea to buy a meal is much better. I can do that! Recently I gathered up sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts my family no longer wears. Instead of calling a truck to pick the stuff up I plan to take them to people living in the streets. The LORD used you to inspire me to open my eyes, see the need and love HIM more through loving HIS people. God bless you as you continue to serve HIM. To HIM be the glory! Your Sister, Donna

Posted: 2009-11-15 22:36:12

Member Since:

Hey Mike! A friend loaned me Under the Overpass today at church, and I just finished it. It is a wonderful, challenging, genuine book. Thank you! I live in Atlanta where there are a number of homeless people living in downtown, and I've never felt comfortable on how to deal with beggars so thank you for the insight. I know I'll deal with homeless people differently from now on. While your journey has impacted me on many levels, two things stuck out the most:

1. You talking about how the little things made the biggest difference for you and Sam. Often I've thought about taking a huge subway sandwich downtown and feeding/meeting with the homeless down there. The biggest--and most crafty--temptations against doing it were either "it'll take too much time" or "it's just a small gesture and won't make a bit of difference...wait until God gives you a big vision and do that." Thank you for showing the latter as a lie. Satan is VERY slick.

2. This a personal tribute to how God speaks to each of us and through us without us knowing in many cases. In middle school I began going by my first name, Russell (or Russ) instead of my middle name, Drew which I'd been called since birth. Reading of your interaction with Drew then Russ and how completely different they acted in the name of Christ reminded me of God's name change with Abram (Abraham), Jacob (Israel), Simon (Peter) and eventually Saul (Paul) and how it radically changed their identities. Thank you for being a vessel.

I await the day when we meet in person alongside our redeemer. Thanks again, bro, for following your convictions.


Posted: 2010-06-13 19:48:55

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