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Topic: amazing book and God Bless your future

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I suppose this is the way to get a message to the author, Mike, who will soon, if not already, be bombarded with messages.

Praise God for this book!

I have been a Christian since i was nine years old but have gone through a lot of disappointment with the institution of the church.
The things that you and Sam experienced regarding these things went straight to my heart.
I went into theatre and lived in NYC for eight years and spoke to a lot of homeless people.
I could write a book on that, but i'll spare the bulletin board that one.
My main reason for writing is to tell you that reading this book has inspired me to realize that what my spirit feels regarding a lot of churches out there is true, and that God has a plan for all His children to work toward His glory.
While in New York i directed plays and worked with new playwrights.
I suppose this experience made me think of your book as a play being done across the country in as many churches as possible.
This idea may have already come up...as well as a movie.
If it has....don't let them make it cheesy.
Cheesy makes me think of the pizza you asked for.
It's amazing how actual experience alters our perception. You wrote well on that.
God Bless your life and your move...
If you ever need any creative assistance in the future please feel free to ask.

Vivien Tagg

Posted: 2005-07-12 19:06:00
Paul Holland

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I agree with your comments regarding what the institution of the church has become. Recently I have experienced this personally, I'll not get into that in detail other than to say that I was the same way. It took me getting "kicked in the gut" to realize what a pharasee I was. Sometimes you must experience great pain to understand someone else's pain. This is a very painful time for me, the worst I've ever endured.

In my situation, I was a member of a mainstream protestant denomination, one of the "biggies". Oh I played the role well, I fit right in. I, along with many of my former fellow church members went to our "country-clubish" church with soft pews, great sound system and an immaculate family ministry center. Not for all of us, but for alot of us it was FOR us. That church is even a downtown church, smack dab in the middle of an old, decaying downtown area with several homeless in the area.

Now I attend another church that displays the love of Christ like I have never seen before. I enjoy sitting in the back with the recovering crack addicts and ex-cons. I'm so glad that God has shown me a church that reaches out to the hurting

I still believe that the church is the bride of Christ, but people like me...well the former me, have screwed it up so much and made it such a bureaucracy that the hurting world doesn't even feel welcome or loved when they sit in her pews.

I'll jump down off of my soap box now. I think were on the same page.

God Bless You!

Posted: 2005-07-15 17:37:00

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HI,I,m new here,I just want to say that the first time i read your book was in 2006.My now husband had a copy of it.We both loved it and we would let other people read it but we never got that copy back.Both my husband and I have been homeless and lived one the streets. He almost lost his life in Vegas in 08 because of it. So thank you for not looking there other way and living the way of streets,keep writing please,May GOD Bless and keep you safe all the time. Cathy

Posted: 2011-03-24 15:27:50

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