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Topic: Don't pass by without giving.

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I had heard you speak about your book on a Christian radio station a few years back. Your story has always stayed with me and touched my life. I just came from the mall this evening and a crippled young man was standing on the corner on a very busy road. He looked to me that maybe he had some kind of cerebral palsy. I had such an overwhelming feeling that I needed to give him what I had even though it was a small amount. The light changed quickly and there was no time to hurry and give the money to him. I circled around to go back thru a couple of lights. On the next corner was a tall man with his pants around his ankles. I felt I had to give him one of the dollars. I rolled down my window and immediately I saw that he was blind in his left eye. I gave him the dollar and said God Bless you...he said it back. I wished I had more to give. I go back to the crippled guy and he was honking back and I pulled up and rolled down my window...he said immediately "you came back for me didn't you?" I said "yes I did and God Bless you" I wish I had more to give. I w arched him in my rear view hobble away and the bottom of his shoe was broken. I began to cry. My 13 year old daughter was with me and experienced the whole thing. Where this leaves our family is to look to how can we help? Just by listening to our hearts and when God tells you to be kind and give don't pass by. Maybe they are angels is what I tell my kids. It sure does pull on your heart strings to see this going on in America and our town has a high volume of homeless people. I am thankful I heard you on the radio years ago, I just ordered your book tonight and my whole family will read it.

Posted: 2017-09-10 21:12:17

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