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Hey mike n sam first of all I loved the book but I have a few questions first I have to say mike I saw u in north dakota a few years back n sam was not with u why it would have been cool to hear from him as well the gospel has one story to tell n many witnesses u do to but its like sam just moved on I sure would have loved to hear his side it would have made urs more complete second I love how u nailed it on the head about the churches even my home church shunned me when I was homeless n so I have not gone in a long time I have my own time with god every day I figure if the church cant do gods will n love me when im down n out n needed to be loved by my family in christ how u gona genuinly love me now that im showered bagless n have a home people should not think thats what god would want I used to panhanle alot n just recently had to do it to get home from seeing my mom in another state it was a verry scary experience for me u get used to it but its not something id want to do I read you told people to give mc donald cards that is cool but I perfered wal mart cards the giver never knows the situation n , ost dont care to ask but walmart cards can buy food grooming supplys pet food hygene prducts for females tents sleeping bags ect but it also buys gas for those that live in their cars to stay warm or look for work or to even make it to a sheter for help mc donalds cards dont do all that I also would like to share my story being on the streets u know it is a stereo type wold out their I know that drugs n alcohol n menal illness play a big roll but there are a trillion other factors that cause homelessness there's relationship problems theres felonies theres teenage pregnacy problems I have been homeless several times but other then my once every 2 week shot of humara for my chrones desease I have mever used a needle n the only recreational drugs I do is smoke n coffee the verry first time I became homeless was we took a job in another town a friend had just became mgmt at a motel n needed help so we went figuraing wed move there we didnt figure in the higher rent we became homeless we still worked for them but we lived in our van the second time relationship problems my x husband number 2 was running n a marriage licence kinda means ur in for the ride he was abusive n that continued my homelessness due to his abuse I will never work again so I managed by the grace of god to get an apt oh alcohol made me lose my place but not because I or anyone drank it in denver u may have heard of new Belgium brewery the bought the building I was renting a room from every tenent got kicked out most of the tenants lived paycheck to paycheck n still just barely could afford the rent 4 of the 12 or so tenents actually found a place n moved on I was one of the unfotunate ones the last time I became homeless my cousin whom I grew up with got sick we came here to spend hos last days with him he died last year at the age of 29 but we never left I got married in2004 we were concidered by our friend the hobo wedding of the centry I had beem homeless so long it grew on me I was known as mom to people 10 times my age I would go to the hobo park we all called it n roll the drunks onto theor side I used to be a nurce n my childhood friend nearly died because she got drumk n passed out on her back but im ramblin when I want to finish I said it was grown on me so I had two desires one to have my own home as I missed that n two I want yes still want to write my own story about homlessness however I have it a little easier then u in areas n harder in others the easy part u did an average of 30 days I want to do one week in the sheter n one week out my goals are a review of the selters n of people I have it all drawn out what to observe n what to ask bit it will be rough because I figure there is probably a million shelters san fran as u know has several in its self n I dont think I will get done in 6 months I think the hardest part will be because there are so many from the time I start with the firt to the last will my evidence be current n how much back trackin will I have to do im missing a few things like gosple missions are known for this if im a female n ur a male we could be related yet there rules are no talking to a member of the oppisite sex I had the privledge of being in a shelter with my husband with my marriage licence n hand n we were not aloud to even look at each other across town not even on property thank god the didn t try to take my cell or his n moniter our calling or txts we txted each other with the affect og we are leaving this ... tomorrow my husband is now atheist because of that but I think the world needs to know about how homeless are treated why we become notonly homeless but why we are who we are I think that we need to fix problems not put a bandaid or a blind eye on it n homelessness is 1 not understood n 2 a problem everyone wamts to fix but few have the guts to do so some tools I need is on female one male not married I want to veiw all aspects u of all people knew what I mean when u found sam but there are women n men n fa, ily sheters out there that work different n dont allow the other so if u have any pointers im all ears thank you n god bless

Posted: 2014-01-17 05:06:49

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