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Topic: Ethics of this Book

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Most of the narrative taking place in San Diego is centered around Yankoski complaining about the Church’s inability to meet the needs of the poor. He begs the question “’Why do we so often overlook obvious ways to show the love of God we so loudly proclaim?’” (150). The dialogue then essentially says that it is the Church’s responsibility to give drink to the thirsty and healing to the broken. While this sentiment in and of itself is not necessarily false, the context in which it is presented undermines any spiritual substance it may have possessed otherwise. The pages before contain the author bashing the church’s congregation, pastor, and standing principles. To top it off, Yankoski loudly complains about his foot and sandal to two members. When the men do not react in a fashion acceptable to Yankoski, he demerits their existence behind their back.

It is pathetic and upsetting to hear a young, white, privileged man so blatantly criticize both the Church and the individuals comprising it. Yankoski is angered because the men did not meet his need, yet his need is by choice. He was free to return home at anytime. He took countless opportunities from others with a genuine need.

Posted: 2013-11-06 20:06:38

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