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Topic: Servant of the Shepherd (SOS) Church

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Pastor Frank

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God bless you Mike and Danae!

For the past 13 years the Lord has had me contact different authors, ministries and churches after I have read various books, listened to individuals preach, or somehow the Lord got me involved with learning about their ministries.

From time to time, the Lord lays on my heart to tell whoever about SOS Church and I have tried to be obedient to Him over these past 13 years. I have just finished reading "Crazy Love," and am about to start "Under the Overpass."

And right off the bat, I will tell you what I am writing for. Mike and Danae, I want you to pray about partnering with SOS, and perhaps finding others to partner with us. Also I would like you to pray to decide if the Lord is calling either of you to tell the story of SOS.

Now, you are probably thinking what in the world is he talking about. Well, I'm going to tell you a little about myself and SOS church and then the Lord will help you decide where to go from there.

First, Servant of the Shepherd (SOS) Church was birthed by Jesus along with my wife Lois and myself Easter Sunday of 2000. It was born in a little mid-western city called River Falls, Wisconsin (pop. 15,000, located about 25 minutes from downtown St. Paul Minnesota.) The Lord started SOS with one other couple, besides my wife and myself. Today we have 350 members plus. So we definitely are not a mega church.

As far as myself, Jesus called me to be one of His under-shepherds 16 years ago. I left my successful career in business and went to an LCMS Seminary in St Louis Missouri. (The Lord called us to give up everything at age 46.) I graduated after a couple of years and went to Albany, New York for my first church. I was there for a short time, when the Lord called me to leave the LCMS and come back to River Falls to start His Church. I should also tell you that I am a recovering drug addict/ alcoholic. On September 30th, I will celebrate 30 years of Sobriety, Praise the Lord! By the way, I have never written any books, which I am sure you can tell! I am also 63 years of age.

Now, a little bit about this incredible, miraculous place called SOS. 13 years ago, Lois and I had no idea what the Lord was going to birth. I thought that I was being called to start a regular little, small town church. You know what I mean, a few hundred members, a couple of worship services, a couple Bible studies, visit the sick, and play a little golf. The Lord had other ideas!

Thirteen years ago, the Lord started to bring the homeless, recovering alcoholics and addicts, ex-cons, ex-prostitutes, other outcasts, and even a few "normies." They came to us with their whole lives and everything they own in two paper garbage bags, looking for a way to start over and a relationship with Jesus (they still do!). Now, please understand, we don't just have a 'celebrate recovery' or ministries to these types of people, NO THE LORD HAS MADE SOS AND IT'S MEMBERS, THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE! SOS, this particular Body of Believers, is made up of these dysfunctional, incredible people! These are the people that God uses to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. These are the people God uses to proclaim His mercy, His Love, His Grace to everyone, and every church. And this is no Bull! It is the most incredible thing you can ever imagine! And I am blessed to be part of this!

I am blessed to see miracles on an almost daily basis! The Lord has taken care of SOS for the past 13 years and that too ins not any BS. I will give you an example. SOS needs to take in $2000 per week (told you we are not a mega church!) We also give out on the average about $500 per week for food, gas, rent, electricity, etc) OK, so that is $2500 we need each and every week. We have one worship service per week with about 65 people at attendance, and our offering is about $350 (remember these people are starting there lives over. Most are felons. They can't get decent jobs. Most are also homeless when they come to us. 80% of our 350 members were homeless when they came.) Anyway, we need $2500 (by the way, I am Pastor 24/7 and my wife works full time at SOS, I make $250 per week and Lois doesn't get paycheck) to pay the bills, our offering averages $350. Guess who makes up the difference? GOD! Once again, no BS! Each and every week, for thirteen years, God has taken care of any provided for SOS and our ministries! That is in itself an incredible miracle. YOU CANNOT OUT GIVE GOD!

There is so much to tell you, but unfortunately I don't know if you are the ones to hear it and tell it. So, please pray about all of this. Please go to our website: www.servantoftheshepherdchurch.com and you could call me at 715 222 8922 or e-mail me at flukasiewicz@aol.com.

SOS is truly remarkable, incredible, and miraculous. Only God could take a bunch of dysfunctional outcasts and have them share His Gospel with the world with not just words but with actions.

One last thing, I am so personally blessed as the Pastor of SOS. And I must share just one of the ways. Do you know that if one of Jesus' hurting lambs comes to me, whether male or female, I can make one phone call and I will have 10 women or 10 men to minister to that individual, no matter what time of day! That is incredible! I have to run. Please pray and see what the Lord leads.

Pastor frank

Posted: 2013-04-12 12:41:18

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My name is Gabrielle Chapin, and I am the president of Life Savers mental health club at UWRF. Would you be interested in participating in a community

revival with me? I created a Take Back Your Life game series for self-discovery and community environmental/mental health improvement in a fun way

where everyone can level up at their own pace. Visit my website here for more information: https://gster224016.wixsite.com/jesuslifesavers. There are

samples of the games on there. You can find them if you scroll

down to the section that says: Games for Self-Discovery and Community Growth.

We could set up a Zoom meeting twice a week, once for whatever game is the focus of the month, and a second time if anyone would like to speak about

their mental health or just have someone to talk to. I offer mental health services on the website including writing poems for people, musical healing,

parties to get high on life, prayer, real knowledge school and the world will not provide, creative mental health solutions based on where you're at that

I could experience with you if you need it on that level, and laughing sessions.

Also, I went to Keystone Project training this summer, a Christian training and I learned how to redeem communities from evil spirits. I would love

to collaborate on doing so for the community of River Falls.



Posted: 2020-10-06 15:46:28

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