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Topic: Sharond Do you have advice for me in South Africa?

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30 years ago as a new christian i received the call to work with the homeless. From a 'normal' home and upbringing it seemed impossible. Over the years my heart has always been moved by the homeless and i have had a few opportunities to get involved. I have always believed there was something more for me to do though.

About 8 years ago i met and less than a year later married my husband. I know it was not conventional, but i believed that the Lord specifically called me to marry my husband. He was homeless. He has a devastating story to tell - abandoned on the road by his mother at the age of 4. Growing up in a home for mentally retarded children, and having suffered abuse - abuse of every kind from his earliest memories - you can imagine the pain i saw in his eyes. I really fought with the Lord at the time but sensed so clearly His calling. I married him. We now have a beautifuly little 4 year old boy. After marrying him, i was reminded by the Lord how driving off the highway the one day there was a homeless man walking up the ramp. I had started weeping and said to the Lord at that time - use me Lord - whatever it takes, even marriage!

My husband is very precious and much loved. It has been a tough number of years, but the Lord's joy and strength have sustained me.

Posted: 2013-03-29 09:49:38

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