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Topic: Great book!!

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A lady I have begun to work with in local Community Outreach Storehouse just bought a box of books at a yard sale and Under The Overpass was one of those books. I took it home and read it in about 3 hours!! So many emotions gripped my soul in reading this book. At first I said WOW, what a statement of faith in Christ to embark on such a mission for Him. Sometimes I wanted to throw the book against the wall in disgust at how you guys were treated by fellow Christians and other times I was reduced to tears at how your experiences really spoke to me and challenged my own walk with Jesus to do more, to walk off that ledge with Him. That book has really broke me but has reached me at turning point in my Christian walk that encourages me to stay on this path I am on.

Ironically I see that you have an updated edition with a foreword by Francis Chan. My book had a foreword by Ryan Dobson. Francis Chan, who I have recently discovered a few months ago began my journey of change in my walk. His challenges echo your book. As I mentioned I have recently begun volunteering my time with a local community outreach that takes in food donations and hands them out door to door and to whomever is in need. Its a start for us but our vision is bigger to reach out to those in need. I recently became unemployed and finding a job has been very difficult but I continue to help with the outreach. In the last few days my own financial struggles have caused me to question this outreach path I had chosen. I know in light of reading your book I might sound petty or weak but this book really spoke to me that my mission is clear. It has strengthened me and comforted me to press on in this outreach with the full knowledge that God WILL provide as I do His work. Thank you for sharing your experiences in this book and your words of encouragement and challenge also. Thanks,

Sean Elliott

Posted: 2012-09-11 15:33:29

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