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Category: Welcome
Topic: Incredibly Challenged

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I recently came across your book, I was initially caught by the reference to "journey of faith" in the subtitle as that has become a clarion call in my walk with God. He has made "journey" stand out as the forefront word in His leading of my life.

As I began to investigate further I was so intrigued by the subject of the book that I immediately purchased the audiobook and listened -- I have a four hour daily commute, two hours each way, so lots of book listening time. I was impressed with what all you accomplished, and as I listened I found myself incredibly challenged. What am I doing about what God has called us all to, He tells us to reach out to the poor and hurting. I caught myself thinking, "I could never do what these guys are doing" and when I asked myself why I was less than happy with the answer. So know that God has used you to challenge my heart as I stumble along this journey He has me on. I don't know what specific thing He may call me to, but it will be better in part because of the challenge you have put out.

I do know that a part of the journey God has for me is related to film. While listening the writer part of my brain kept thinking how great a movie this would make. How this could be the real kind of "christian movie" our society needs. I found myself thinking how it should go and be, but I know that I am too green in my experience to try and take on something this big and this important; so I told myself to let it go.

Then while trying to find out more information about you and the work you were doing now, I came across the site for a movie. I was SO HAPPY to see that there is one in progress.

I am praying that God bless this project immensely and that He use it to reach people and challenge them to do the work He has called us to.

While I don't have large scale experience, I have been involved in film production on a small scale for several years now and would love an opportunity to come help when you guys go into production. I couldn't commit to the whole project, but I could definitely help out. No aspirations of anything in particular, just would be available to do whatever needs to be done, even if it's to stand and hold things, or carry coffee, or pray, or whatever.

In either event I will pray. This is an important work and I want to see it succeed.

Your brother in Christ,



Posted: 2012-04-18 19:32:39

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