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Topic: Mr. Yankoski and Mr.Purvis

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This is the only way I have found that could contact you so I'm giving it a shot. I just finished reading your story. I first found it many years ago while living in California. I was in middle school and looking through the Christian books at a local bookstore. The cover of your book is what caught my eye. My heart has always been for the homeless and the cover is you, homeless. I read through the the intro and left the store. I never forgot the book but never saw it again. I ended up getting it one Christmas after I received the 30 day devotional book. The book got lost in the sea of books I had at the time, so I never read it until years later.

About a year ago my parents told me they were moving to Uganda and I had the option to go or to stay because I would be graduating. I decided to go. Before we left on that journey (that we are still on) God told me to pick up your book and begin reading it. I got through the first chapter or so and it is our story! Everyone around us was telling us this was a terrible idea and that we weren't hearing God right. There were three Christians that encouraged us in this decision, my close friend, his mom, and my youth pastor. Not even the pastor of the church liked what we were doing. Our family was telling my dad he was going through a mid-life crisis and making us all suffer. They were all Christians telling us this! Everyone else that encouraged us were not Christians!

Obviously my struggles are not what yours were on the streets but being in Africa after living the comfortable life of South O.C. there are a lot changes to be made. The reason God had me read your book is because in every chapter there was something that went with what we are experiencing here, whether that was a lesson you learned or what.

The end of your book was equally impacting. I flipped the page to that section and God told me to listen closely to what you had written. The next day I have conversation with my parents about doing what God wants and a lot of what was said was from your book.

I just wanted to contact you and let you know from one more person how God has used and continues to use "Under The Overpass". It is crazy how your story has shaken my world and encouraged me through my tough experience. Also how it has paralleled to our story and journey to where we are now.

Thank you Mr. Yankoski and Mr. Purvis,

Andrew Rowe

Posted: 2012-01-11 05:25:52

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