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Category: Welcome
Topic: Looking for young male for a year of homelessness

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Hi guys,

I am looking for a young Christian male who feels called to be homeless for a year.

My name is Kim and I am 22 years old, graduating from Seattle Pacific University in June. My passion is working with homeless youth, and my dream is to have an apartment complex in Seattle that houses homeless youth for free while they are getting their college degree.

I read "Under the Overpass" in the Winter, and now I feel like this is what I am called to do for a year in order to raise money for One39 (The Apartment Complex) and also to learn more about what it is like to be experiencing homelessness. If I'm going to be serving homeless youth, I should know what it is like to be a youth experiencing homelessness!

My plan (so far) is to start in Seattle on October 1st, 2011, then get a bus ticket to Los Angeles for the winter, then get up to San Francisco, Nevada, and Oregon before coming back to Seattle on October 1st, 2012. I've started doing research on some shelters in each state; and, I was hoping to volunteer a little bit with different programs.

I am looking for a young male because I am a female, and I need protection. It would also be nice to have a friend along the way! I am looking for a Christian because this whole journey is through God, we can't do it ourselves. I plan on going to churches while homeless, praying, and relying on God for our safety, relationships, experience, and money raised.

All money made will go into a bank account towards One39.

If interested, please contact me at: schwkim5@spu.edu

Thank you!

Posted: 2011-05-05 13:55:59

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