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Category: Welcome
Topic: Pastoral Reflections after Under the OverPass

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Mike and Sam, your story, your reflections and your interactions with both the homeless and the church are quite stirring to say the least.

About 6 years ago, while I was pastoring a small store front church in the SF bay area, the homeless started attending. Without going into great detail, slowly as we learned to love and accept them, the "church" as we knew it began to change. The clean and together left and the homeless and ignored stayed with us and our small core.

Perhaps it was a lack of gifting, (on my part) or something else, I'm not sure. But eventually we ran out of energy to keep the doors open. The economy hit the skids and paying the rent become too difficult.

But I've never been the same. We still do Soup Night on Thursday evenings, we've been doing that for 4 years or so. I've become friends with many of the homeless and know them by name.

Your book helps me put into deeper reflections and words something that I continue to struggle with. In some ways I feel that I've grown up in a church model (clean and tidy) that misses the much of the point of the gospel.

Now after over a year of "sabbath rest" I'm not sure where to turn next. The church of today and the church of the New Testament seem radically different.

I feel a bit lost in the mix. Still on the journey, still hungering for the heart of God and trying to find my way through all of this.

Hope this does not sound like rambling. But this stuff is not easy.

Bless you for sharing your story.

Posted: 2011-03-17 00:01:42

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