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Hi Mike,

I have a very good friend, Don who just read your book and passed it on to me and I am now reading it too. He has been intentionally homeless for at least 2 years and is very very interested in meeting with you and talking about your ministry. He did this homeless thing all by himself and a lot like you and Sam, went in pretty blind to how it was going to go down. But he really desires to teach people what it's like and if people are going to do the homeless thing, he wants them to have some smarts before going in. Please write to me as soon as possible. Right now Don is staying here in my town where his (and my) church family is putting him up but he probably won't be here for long and if I know Don, he's just going to come up (we're in California) and find you!

My email is bethanycroney@yahoo.com I would really appreciate hearing back from you!

Posted: 2010-02-07 13:00:37

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