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I heard a broadcast with you on Focus on the Family, and bought your book. My son devoured it in about 4 hours. I read more slowly, but am thoroughly in love with the Jesus you know.

I can only say this, that I am puzzled over the life I have led as a Christian. Being opposed by ungodly parents, I subdued my Christian life for quite a while. It is resurfacing, but cautiously. I want people to know Him so badly that I would do anything to make it happen for them, even if it means being quiet and praying, not doing anything "radical".

I feel like I have missed out though, by not stepping out like you did, so I am confused. Was it right for me to obey my parents and not do radical Jesus living, or was it a lie from Satan? I'm so confused by our positions as Christians in this area.

Thanks and God Bless!

Posted: 2009-08-29 02:18:40

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