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Topic: Mike and Sam Thank You

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Mike and Sam, I have listened to the Cd Several times your encouraging words have been a inspiration in my journey. Some of your realizations we mind opening like "We were meant to BE and to DO not merely to Discuss" that got me going and "The things we strive for don't even come close to Life in the Full" that put my priorities in check and So Mike and Sam,I walked into church late one day hungry for something that would change me,well I came in late and didn't go to the service so,still hungry for change I went to our church library just looking at titles of audio books and I picked up out of hundreds of CD's Under the Overpass. I liked the title and thought to myself I'm a truck driver I can relate to an underpass and an overpass so I read the back cove and couldn't wait to hear what was inside. After listening to one disc a day on my way to work I went the next Saturday and bought lunch meat juice boxes soft granola bars and fruit and my wife and two children opened brown paper bags (lives are already being changed at this point) stuffed them with sandwiches and the whole time your voices echoing in my mind. That night I drove to Love Park in center city Philadelphia stepped out of my car and it hit me right there,I never thought this far ahead. There I was tall buildings towering over me feeling so small and yet so called to be there but at that moment I realized I didn't know where to go where to look and totally stumped (the CD didn't cover that LOL) I had no choice but to trust the one who sent me, so with one bag in each hand and ten "sacked lunches" I started walking, nervous and scared, people walking past me but feeling completely alone and vulnerable. I would have never known 'LIFE ON THE EDGE" without your audio CD, your Pastors message on Faith, Sam and your experience on the street. While I walked up 15th street towards Market Street I thought of T.V. shows and how they showed homeless people in alleys and subways so I went to a few alleys and no homeless people, I looked down the stairs of subways, empty! No one on park benches or steam grates. God said be still and know that I am God and when I got still then I found them, they were right under my nose the whole time, huddled under the information center housed in 3 or 4 blankets I moved toward my first willful encounter with a homeless person. The covers were not transparent you can't see if your going to be talking to a man a woman a teenager american or foreign would they speak English will they reject me? It didn't matter though I was not there for me I was there for them and so I stepped on the gravel and the ground moved with 8-10 homeless people I kneeled down as I came face to face with a young black gentleman named ERIC. Mike and Sam, I would like to know if I could meet you someday in person. If you are ever headed into the Philadelphia area and would have a little time to meet please contact me Joe Durkee by e-mail at Dblackkw1@verizon.net or phone me @ 215-896-2214 Thank you again and again,

Joe Durkee

Posted: 2008-10-17 23:11:16

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