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Topic: Something Missing?

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I picked up “Under the Overpass” two days ago and finished it in about 24 hours. I, like many Christians, am in the midst of a deep journey, where I am trying to more fully understand my faith -- as it relates to my privilege as an educated, straight, white, male living in America as a Christian (that is a mouthful). I was deeply moved by every single page of this book and I admire Mike and Sam’s call for each of us to truly love our neighbor as Christ called us to. Furthermore, I admire the faith that they displayed, relying on God every step of the way, to provide daily bread, shelter and safety. Thinking about living without food, shelter and safety is a stark reminder of the privilege that many of us experience on a daily basis without even thinking about it. Moreover, this book has deepened my relationship with Christ and inspires me to continue to follow His call, wherever that may be. For this, I say thank you!

However, with all of that being said, I feel like there was something missing from this book and I am curious to know if anyone (Mike or Sam specifically) could address the unsettled feeling I have. Mike and Sam spent 5 months living on the streets, completely relying on their Faith to sustain them. I absolutely do not want to take anything away from that experience, or the powerful ways in which God was, and continues to be, a part of their journey. However, as painful and difficult as every single night on the street was for them, the reality is that they knew at the end of 5 months they would be able to return to their every day life; and although the experience would always be a part of them, they would never have to live on the streets again. My assumption (which may be slightly ignorant, but I don’t think so) is that the majority of people who live on the street do not have the luxury of knowing that such hope exists. I whole-heartedly believe that the society we live in, the education our children receive, the health care or lack of it that our insurance companies provide, and our government all create systems which although are very fair to some people, are not fair to others and often times are down right oppressive as I think this book illustrated.

My question is two fold – First, what do the people who have been oppressed by those systems for years and have no sense of hope for things to ever change have to hold on to? I’ve never been in such a desperate place, but I would imagine faith would be tough to come by. Second, as a follower of Christ, what can I do to fight these oppressive systems? Not just by loving our neighbors (which is our call as Christians), but in tangible ways that can create sustainable change in our schools, our health care systems, our government and our society.

I welcome any and all feed back as I am truly searching for Truth.

Posted: 2007-10-31 16:27:23

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