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Category: Welcome
Topic: What new ideas do you have?

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I am curious how you and/or your church has reached out to the homeless. Our church is beginning a ministry to work with homeless and I know that there are many creative and tried and true ways to reach them. Please let me know.

I am very blessed to attend a church that welcomes everyone. We coordinated with a homeless mission that houses 40 men each night. We were able to borrow a bus and feed and transport them to our Christmas play. I really feel that it was a life changing experience for everyone involved. The men repeatedly said that "they couldn't believe they had been invited" or that "we wanted them there". They got front row seats and also made the comment that "we didn't just slip them in and seat them in the back", we really wanted them there. We also got donations and were able to make "gift bags" with many toiletry items, snacks, a roll of toilet paper, gloves, socks, etc.

Thank you in advance and I hope my suggestion will spark ideas for others.


Posted: 2007-01-28 17:06:00

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