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Topic: Waiting a year for your book...

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I feel horrible. I really wanted to read your book. I saw it at Border's Bookstore, read the back and was hooked. Unfortunately, my husband and I decided it might be another of those frivolous buys. Where I really like what the book is about, but never finish reading it.


I wanted so much to read your book, that I requested my library to buy and signed up to be the first to read it. Well I received an email saying the book was in and I picked it up Tuesday night. It's now Thursday morning, I dried my tears, and got right on your website.

I can't believe how much this book has moved me. I am soul searching. I haven't truly got involved in our churches ministry. I am named on a couple of committees. But I only do what they ask me too. I don't give freely of my time. This saddens me immensely now. I am searching for a place in Jesus kingdom. I will be praying to see where God wants me. I will be taking this journey more seriously now.

I've spent my life trying to be a better daughter, mother, wife, friend, and now Christian. But I see now my heart wasn't in it.

Please pray for me. I am an addict. I am addicted to my pain, and illnesses. I am extremely obese for a person of height, and I have chronic arthritis due to an injury to my ankle. I have used this as an excuse now for years as to why I gain weight. It truly does hurt to exercise. But I am addicted to eating, feeling sorry for myself. God help me to overcome my problems. To become a blessing to my God, my church, my family, my friends, and my community. I see that all the focus of my life has led up to me actually having to break. I am broken. But God will put me back together...

I will start another topic as soon as God has spoken to me. When I find my calling. Who knows what it will be. I've always had a feeling. Well now I will listen to what God's wants from me and act accordingly.

Thank you for your ministry, your book, and hopefully your friendship.

I have put the word out to the church I attend on Wednesday, and I will be telling my home church on Sunday. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
So many songs have been running through my mind.

By the way do Mike and Sam still play their guitars? Just wondering...

God Bless and Keep You

Posted: 2007-01-25 09:11:00

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