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Michael Yankoski is a writer, itinerate speaker, urban homesteader, and also an aspiring carpenter, musician, potter and sailor. He received his MA in Theological Studies from Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a (novitiate) Oblate of Saint Benedict, served on the Board of Directors at World Vision US, and is the author of three books books: Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America, My 30 Days Under the Overpass: Not Your Ordinary Devotional, and Zealous Love: A Practical Guide to Social Justice. Michael grew up in Colorado, adores the Pacific coast, and currently resides in South Bend, Indiana where his wife Danae is pursuing her PhD in History at the the University of Notre Dame.

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Sam Purvis just married lovely Christine on Sept 21. 2010.

Sam and Christine both work at a coffee bar called BARISTA in Portland, OR. They are involved in a small house church community seeking to live out a belief in God, a love for each other and a commitment to the city they live in. Outside of work Sam and Christine enjoy life in Portland, the variety of people, food, music and art that comes with a city enamored with thought, culture and design.

Seven years post-travel with Mike, Sam's ideas about living in relationship with those in obvious physical need have been forever changed and are still being shaped. If you were to ask Sam today if he feels like he has found a place where the more privileged life that he leads as a result of color and generational privilege has collided with the lives of those lacking these temporal privileges, he would tell you that he still feels caught in between and is trying to grow in to a way of living where he is walking in obedience to Christ's heart for those less fortunate.


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